Kevin Ek

Support technician

About Kevin

One of Kevin’s most important strengths that makes him a well-liked team member is his social skills.

Kevin handles stress with ease and sees structure and order as a must. In addition to his abilities, he has a burning interest in IT which has given him a good base regarding, among other things, hardware, Windows and Office365.

Through Yousr’s mentoring program, Kevin gets support and the tools he needs to become more experienced.

Earlier experiences

Onsite support technician


2021-06 - ongoing

Kevin worked in a team who support, Installation and troubleshooting of software and hardware. In the assignment, he troubleshoots PC clients, Office365, Ipads, Chromebooks etc.
In addition to the support role, the team is responsible for handling the clients that were to be sent in for repairs and out to other schools.

Used skills: office365, Windows client, Intune, AD, IPAD, chromebook, support, printing


Exclusive Caps UF


Kevin was involved in starting up the UF company that imported caps that they designed themselves. Kevin's role was marketing and sales to both companies and individuals.

Summer substitute


2019-06 - 2019-07

Kevin worked in schools preparing rooms and classrooms for the semester

Skills & expertise

PC hardware
Windows 10
Office 365


Certificates & Education

Schillerska gymnasiet 2019-2021
The economics program with a legal focus

Windows 10 (ongoing)
Microsoft Azure Fundamentals